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Not a Chance

Not a chance

Second single is out now! Click the links below to check it out!

Debut single out!

The debut single published 27th of August!

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8 songs ready 

This week starts audio engineering for songs number 7 and 8. Feels good! Two more songs are work in progress so not that much go to get the album ready. It feels like a really long journey already... like it was a decade ago since Rise of Utopia was founded (heheh.. actually it's only six months).
I've learnt a lot during this process. Not only about songwriting and recording but also about how algorithms work, how music promotion business works, how to edit photos etc. The latest new area was to purchase Final Cut Pro and start to learn some video editing. Let's see how that goes...! 


Over 25 streams 

Our first single No Red Roses has now over 25 000 streams on Spotify. Thanks to couple of nice playlists. Feedback gotten has been very positive... and that's what it's all about - to create good rock'n roll and make people happy.

Thanks and love! 

The single out 

The first single is out now and I'm really happy. Creating something that stands a bit test of time gives purpose to life. It makes you feel like you really are alive. I love it.

Any feedback/thoughts/comments highly appreciated! 

Love you!

It's beginning 

The summer has finally arrived also here in Finland and.. aaaaand... the first single is being mixed! Feeling really great about that, can't even myself wait to hear the final product!
At this time a year the Sun doesn't really set here, so it's light almost all the time. That means more energy.